Property Management

Commonly asked questions:

  1. How will my property be advertised?

Many Real Estate Agents ask you to spend money to advertise in newspapers when over 90% of all enquiry comes from the internet. Our experience tells us there is virtually no response to newspaper advertising from prospective tenants. For Lease boards can be a valuable tool in leasing your property but their impact can be dependent on a number of factors. We will discuss these with you as they can be dependent on property type and location. Prospective tenants walking in to our office to get a For Lease list is also still, surprisingly, prevalent. In light of this we don’t recommend costly advertising in newspapers. It is however critical that your property is advertised on the major internet sites.

  1. How many properties do you personally manage?

We find that Property Managers with a portfolio of over 150 properties just don’t have the time to complete all the responsibilities required to manage your property effectively. You will find that they don’t have time to get back to you or the tenants in a timely manner and rarely complete all of the duties that make a difference to whether your property is performing at its’ best for your investment.

  1. Will you be handling this property personally?

Quite often, larger Agents will send an experienced Business Development Manager for the initial contact with you. This person will sign you up, only to hand your file to a less experienced junior to manage. There can then be a number of people responsible for different tasks in relation to the management of your property. At Hamilton Finley the person that you deal with is personally responsible to you and your tenant for the management of your property.

  1. What steps do you take to ensure we will be accepting the best tenant?

We ensure all prospective tenants complete a full application form and supply supporting documentation for 100 points of identification (as you are required to supply to open an Australian bank account). We then contact every person whose details are on that form. This includes current and previous employment, current and previous Landlords/ Agents and two personal referees. We then cross reference that information with NTD (National Tenancy Database). After this process has been completed we contact you and discuss this information so that you will be able to make an informed choice on the best available applicant.

  1. Do you hand out keys to prospective tenants?

This is a risky and outmoded process that unfortunately some Agencies still use. The risks to your investment property are great as are the lost opportunities for information on prospective tenants. You should never deal with an Agent that hands out the keys to your property and lets the tenant look at the property unattended.

  1. Vacancy times have a huge impact on the return for investment.

What do you do to minimise the time my property is vacant? Some agents will give you an unrealistic rental figure in order to secure your business. The impact of this is that your property remains untenanted for weeks and sometimes months longer than it should be. We will complete a Rental Comparative Market Analysis which includes not just the advertised price of properties currently available but includes what rent leased properties have actually achieved (where available) in the previous 6- 12 months. We also keep in touch with you, contacting you at least twice a week when your property is vacant, updating you with any feedback received during inspections and discussing properties comparable to yours that have been leased and what rent they have achieved.

  1. Once we have secured a tenant how often will the rent be reviewed?

The rent can’t be increased whilst there is a fixed term lease in place. Rents should be reviewed annually, with enough time to serve the statutory 60 days written notice of a rent increase to coincide with the end of a fixed term lease. Of course, the decision as to whether an increase is implemented or not belongs to the property owner. We send you the details of our recommendation and implement your instructions once received.

At Hamilton Finley Property Management our focus is on Customer Service and what we can do to enhance your property investment experience. For new Landlords or those expanding their portfolio we understand the stress involved in finding and purchasing the right investment property. Our experience and resources ensure that we supply you with professional, efficient and personal interaction at all times. We understand the value and importance of your property and the concerns all owners have when placing a property in the care of tenants. We know the local market the fluctuations and nuances experienced by an ever changing environment and take these factors into account when appraising and managing your property. We have a thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act and more importantly, have the professional and life experience to deal with any situation. We will always provide the personal attention and time required to ensure that your property is managed to the highest possible standard.

We have a dedicated Property management team here at Hamilton Finley and will supply you with the service and expertise needed to maximise the return and minimise the risk associated with an investment property. We offer you the personal touch that you would expect from a boutique agency whilst having the resources possessed by the large impersonal agencies.

To discuss how Hamilton Finley Property Management Department can assist you with your investment property,

Please call Linda Turk on (03) 9080 0238 / 0414 287 337 or email