How We Can Help

Things can be unpredictable, that’s why we are here to help!

Sometimes, selling a property is time consuming, unpredictable and can cost you thousands. Worst of all, if you’ve spent thousands of dollar, and the property is till not sold, where do you look for help? The following are a few examples of how we’ve helped our stressed vendors!

Listed and SOLD within 10 days – 61A Broughton Road, Surrey Hills On the market with another agency for over 90 days. The other agency had the property listed in April 2013, and followed by an auction campaign. This property was later passed in during the auction, no genuine bid, but had a vendor bid at last! Unfortunately, there’s no further interest afterwards, and the other agency had the property for further 30, but is still not sold! The stressed vendor then came to us finally, and we had this beautiful townhouse listed and sold within just 10 days!

61a Broughton Rd, Surrey Hills


Listed and SOLD within 7 days – 7 Johnston Street, Burwood
On the market with other 4 agencies for over 180 days. The other agencies had the property listed in early 2013, none of them was able to make a sale until we stepped-in in August 2013. We’ve had the property listed and sold within 7 Days.



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