Buying & Selling

Over the years Hamilton Finley have set the standards not only in the real estate industry but we have been recognised outside the industry for our customer service, quality assurance and business excellence.

Our dedication to providing accurate achievable property values provides peace of mind for our vendors. In a tough market there is often pressure on agents to get business and some agents are tempted to give a high estimate of a properties worth. At Hamilton Finley each appraisal report is accompanied by actual recent sales figures and will be a genuine price guide. This is only achievable due to our commitment to market research.

Team Hamilton Finley take pride in the fact that we are not a competing group of agents under one franchise banner but rather one cohesive strong team & independent business. We offer superior negotiating skills and communication and utilise the latest in Real Estate technology. Through our commitment to personalised service and our thorough property market research we are able to deliver exceptional results time and time again.