Buyer’s advocacy

What are the benefits of using us as a Buyers’ Agent?

Save Time: A buyers’ agent can shortlist properties faster.
Save Money: We’ll negotiate the lowest possible price.
Save Stress: Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. Have a professional deal with the agents speaking Multilanguage
Discover silent listings: We can uncover the other 40% of properties sold on the quiet.
Buy right: Location is everything. Discover the facts about the hot spots before you buy

We work 5 steps to smarter property decisions

  1. complete the property brief – tell us your key preferences and criteria
  2. discuss and develop strategy – defining the approach to reach your desired outcomes
  3. evaluate – we conduct a market appraisal using hard facts and market data
  4. research and shortlist – we do extensive research to create your refined viewing shortlist
  5. negotiate and secure – we negotiate to get you the best possible price and terms