About Us

Hamilton Finley is a privately owned Australian company dedicated to achieving real estate excellence. With offices in Box Hill, South Melbourne and newly established office in Taiwan we aim to provide first class property knowledge and services through the integration of people, experience, systems and technology. Our staff come from varying cultural backgrounds that allow us to engage fluently in Mandarin, Shanghaiese, Cantonese, Hokkein and Taiwanese which is critical in today’s ever changing market place and cultural diversity that Australia and particularly Melbourne is well known for.

We proudly offer the following Real Estate services:

  • Real Estate consultancy
  • Real Estate marketing
  • Real Estate – Buyer’s advocacy
  • Real Estate – Vendor’s advocacy
  • Real Estate investment strategy

Our diligence, experience and attention to detail are synonymous with the Hamilton Finley brand, evident across our portfolio of work. Excelling in sales performance, we’re committed to delivering outstanding results, every time. This thinking translates to our bespoke dynamic approach to marketing as we strategically plan your advertising, so that your property cuts through and attracts the right people at the right time.We are a company that has a passion for all things in Real Estate. We have a wide variety of skill and experience, friendly staff, who are always ready to help you.

Many people have asked us why the name “Hamilton Finley”?

The name “Hamilton Finley” was inspired by a 19th Century’s British war hero – Lieutenant-General Sir John James Hamilton & the American Judge and Architect – Judge James Finley. Where one is an expeditionary icon during the 19th century’s era of discovery and the other one is a renowned architectural designer during the American Federalist Era.

  • Lieutenant-General Sir John James Hamilton (1755–1835) has served in the Napoleonic Wars, and was later honoured for his service by both the British and Portuguese royal families.

In 1771, Young Hamilton secured a commission in the army of the Honourable East India Company aged only 16. Hamilton was almost immediately pressed into action, participating the British invasion of Cooch Behar at the invitation its rulers who were facing a simultaneous invasion from the Bhutanese to the north. Later in 1778 Hamilton was promoted to lieutenant and in 1780 was once again in action during the First Anglo-Maratha War, where his troops participated in the storm and capture of Lahar, Gwalior and Bijaigarh from the Maratha Empire.
During his service, Hamilton was engaged in several major battles of the war, including Second Mysore War fought against the Tipu Sultan in 1794, and Napoleonic Wars in the early 1800’s. In 1809 as he trained and organised a division of Portuguese infantry, Hamilton was promoted to major-general and in his new rank was made Inspector-General of Portuguese Infantry. Later in 1813, a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Tower and Sword by the Portuguese monarchy was knighted by the Prince Regent as well as being made honorary colonel of the 2nd Ceylon Regiment.

  • James Finley (1756 – 1828), aka Judge James Finley, is widely recognised as the first designer and builder of the modern suspension bridge

The first modern suspension bridge was built by engineer and inventor James Finley in 1801. Finley’s bridge was the first to incorporate all of the necessary components of a suspension bridge, including a suspended deck which hung by trusses. Finley’s design involved stretching two strong chains over the top of several towers and anchoring them on either side of the bridge. He hung lesser chains from the two master chains and used them to suspend a rigid deck, and the modern incarnation of the suspension bridge was born. In 1808, Finley patented his suspension bridge.

At Hamilton Finley, we’ve had these two concepts merged – ADVENTURISM & CREATIVITY, together we will give you a whole new face of Real Estate Services! We, as a team, are proud of our professionalism, integrity and the ability to work with our clients to meet their needs and achieve their outcomes, whether it is selling a property or finding an ideal investment property. Being an independent agency ensures that our recommendations, based on understanding our clients’ needs and decisions can be tailored to ensure the best results.

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